Tommaso Luccarini


Qualifications and professional membership
Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (2010) at University of Brescia (Italy), Diploma in Osteopathy (2016) at ICOM in Milan (Italy). CSP and HCPC member

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
The latest course I have attended was Clinical Mat-Based Pilates. This course improved my knowledge about the vertebral and trunk stabilization with specific exercises. I will use them to improve and maintain the effects of the manipulative and postural treatments on my patients.

Any specific area of interest
Manual therapy, Musculoskeletal disorders, Orthopaedic rehabilitation, Sports injuries, Osteopathy, Visceral treatment, Postural assessment

The most challenging injury you have treated
One of the most challenging cases was a patient with the stenosis of the spinal canal and COPD. He couldn’t walk with a stick for more than 5 consecutive minutes, because of pain and weakness in both lower limbs. Changing the mechanical mobility of the rib cage and lumbar/sacral spine, and helping the patient to manage his flexibility, after few weeks he improved. Now he can manage long distance walks and be independent, without any pain.

What makes a good physiotherapist?
Effective communication with the patients, being able to adapt the treatment to the patients’ specific needs and having an holistic approach. These are fundamental skills that a physiotherapist needs to embrace to guarantee the most effective treatment and to maintain its effects in time.

The advice you give most to patients
Understand what’s going on with your body, learn to listen to your body and start to react. You have to put constancy and resolution every day to improve your health and wellbeing. The physiotherapist gives you a help to solve your problem, but YOU have to make it happen. Never give up!