Nadia Karpenko



Qualifications and professional membership
Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy  (2006) , member of HCPC and CPS

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
The latest course I have attended was Clinical Pilates. This course has helped improving my skills in specific exercises techniques, retraining the body to move in safe and more efficient patterns. I have expanded my knowledge about deep abdominal – transverse abdominis workouts, postural re-education and breathing pattern.

Specific area of interest
Sport injury, paediatric and orthopaedic rehabilitation

The most challenging injury you have treated
The most challenging case was a patient with severe brain injury, because of the multiple body systems affected.  The important part and goal of the treatment was to restore gait pattern and prevent falls, because of balance deficiency. Main key in success of the recovering process was to establish a strong relationship between the physiotherapist and patient.

What makes a good physiotherapist
Ongoing professional development, being a good team player and having a passion for providing client care are the biggest things always need to strive for. Being a patient listener and teacher is vital!

The advice you give most to patients
Movement is the key to wellbeing. When your body is moving to the best of its ability, you have the greatest chance of getting the most out of life.