Marta Alvaleide



Qualifications and professional membership
Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
“FIFA 11+” Injury Prevention Programme Course at the Alcoitão School of Health Sciences structured by the Group of Interests in Sports’ Physiotherapy (Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists).

As I have always worked closely with sports’ injuries, I had already applied the prevention programme in several patients (football players) – especially in the pre-season, to prepare them with the best physical conditions in order to allow them the best performance during the season, promoting the main goal: injury prevention.

Any specific area of interest
Neurology, Paediatric, Posture related issues, Sports

The most challenging injury you have treated
The most challenging injury I have treated was a congenital spinal cord injury in a 4 year old girl. The pediatric field has, undoubtedly, a strong emotional component, and the referred injury increased this component. Regarding the specific injury, the young girl was not able to walk (paraplegia). The challenge was not only the specific clinical condition and how to teach a 4 year old girl to become independent, but also to listen to the mother’s concerns and teach her the best strategies to help manage her daughter’s condition.

What makes a good physiotherapist?
One of my university’s teachers said one day: “give me a good person and I turn her into a good physiotherapist…the opposite is impossible”. I do agree with this statement. To be a good physiotherapist, it is not enough to have all the knowledge related with the profession and the best practical/therapeutic skills, but also the enthusiasm and the passion of helping people in an holistic way – looking for the structural and functional alterations, as well as to the emotional and psychological factors, all the previous history and listening to the patients’ concerns in order to know how to motivate them for a better compliance in the treatment and also to potentiate their recovery.

The advice you give most to patients
As movement is the base of everything – evolution of mind, thinking and behavior in human beings, even in the way  we relate with each others.  Get moving, not exclusively for recover specific injuries but also for improving your health and your well-being in life!