Joanna May Sta. Ana

Senior Administrator and Yoga teacher


What is the advice you give most clients?
We have 4 different locations in London and we’ll always do our best to arrange an appointment to suit your schedule.

What is your approach to wellbeing?
Meditation changed my life…maybe even saved it! I discovered Vedic meditation whilst working in a corporate environment. The intention was to use it as a tool to increase performance and focus in my professional life, which it did – but it also gave me perspective and the ability to slow down. Meditation is now a non negotiable part of my daily routine.

What do you think of osteopathy and physiotherapy and have you experienced it first hand?
My main association with physiotherapy and osteopathy was for rehabilitation. Since joining the team at MarcoPhysio I’ve met many clients (runners, weightlifters, athletes) who visit us pre and post events such as running a marathon. They’ll schedule their appointments to enhance their performance prior to the event and afterwards for a speedier recovery.

Your favourite location and why
The view of the London skyline is breathtaking. It’s a lovely space, as soon as I step into the room I take a deep breath and feel a sense of calm.