Andreia Jamie

Senior Physiotherapist


Qualifications and professional membership
Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP and Registered with the HCPC

The last course you attended and how you put it in to practice
“Acupuncture” and “Dry needling”. Both these courses have helped me making my therapeutic approach more holistic.  I current use dry needling in combination with manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation in order to achieve optimal results faster.

Any specific area of interest
Sports and work rehabilitation, Postural Correction and Injuries Prevention, Manual therapy.

The most challenging injury you have treated
A severe scoliosis in a 16 years old girl who used to love play volleyball and due the constant back and leg pain was unable to keep up with her training. After 1 year of periodic physiotherapy sessions working with the physiological chains involved – focusing on stretching, strengthening and postural exercises, she was able to go back to the team and perform at a professional level.

What makes a good physiotherapist
A good physiotherapist is capable to apply different approaches by listening and understanding each patient as a unique individual. Each injury is different in a different body, individualization of treatment approaches is what makes every patient special.

The advice you give most to clients
Keep up regular exercise to keep your body healthier longer!