Mezieres method; clinical practice incorporates postural re-education.

Why is the Mezieres method so unpracticed in the UK?

There is no certain answer to this question. However it’s a fact that only few practitioners use it in the UK and probably all of them are not UK trained. The method is largely taught and practiced in France and Italy but there are no courses available whatsoever in the UK.

Is Marcophysio trying to address this matter?

Yes, our goal at Marcophysio is to make the method available in the UK by training practitioners and providing patients with high quality treatments. For this purpose we are arranging the first UK course to take place at our Canary Wharf premises.

What do I expect from Mezieres Method approach?

A Mezieres practitioner will always carry out a general and thorough postural examination before going ahead with any treatment. This will be followed by a discussion on the findings and a plan on how to achieve improvement and what to address.

How would the treatment take place?

The treatment will be carried out on an exercise mat where the patient will be taught the technique for the Mezieres therapeutic breathing which will help to activate the diaphragm correctly throughout the session. The appropriate activation of the breathing muscle along with exercises on arms and legs positions will correct your asymmetries towards a reduction of the pain and a better postural control.

How long would the treatment last for?

As any postural re-education treatment, the Mezieres method has to be followed for a certain amount of time. Your posture has been as it is for years and we can not attempt to change it in few sessions. The suggested pattern of treatment is, in fact, once a week for the first 5/6 weeks to space to longer intervals accordingly to the goals accomplishment. Every session has a duration of about one hour.

What will I achieve from the treatment?

The method will help your body to regain the lost balance and build up a reserve of energies to cope with everyday life activities.  Without a doubt the short term goal will be the reduction of pain which will then be followed by preventing it from coming back.

Who is eligible for Mezieres Method treatment?

Anyone with back pain can find relief with this treatment. However, the most common conditions treated are:

  • disc injuries: annular strain, disc prolapse, herniation.

  • chronic muscular fatigue of lower/upper back and neck.

  • Consequences of developmental scoliosis

  • Hyperlordosis and hyperkyphosis of the spine.

What now?

If you need any further information or you wish to book an appointment just contact us via email at or call us at 02070050278.