At Marcophysio, we believe in the talent and potential of young people!  No matter where you come from, what your background might be, Marcophysio believes any talented young person should be able to access equal opportunities to succeed.  Thats is why we came up with an Internship programme which helps future young Physiotherapists to work, learn and ask questions from the great professionals that make up our team.  Here is the story of one of our lovely interns, Osayi, who joined us during her break from university.



Physiotherapy is awesome – we all know that! But what first made you interested in becoming a physio?

Growing up, I loved playing sports so I automatically wanted to work in the sports industry. I also used to give massages to my mum who had always complained of having a stiff neck. After the massages, she always felt better and her response made me become more interested in treating people knowing that I could make them feel somewhat better than how they previously felt, and the fact of having the ability to return people back to their normal health prior their symptoms fascinated me. In yr 10 I researched what Physiotherapy was and I loved that it was about restoring function and movement to those who are ill, injured, disabled or elderly which was what I have desired to do since young.

How far down your journey are you into becoming a fully-fledged physiotherapist, and what do you enjoy most about your studies?

I have 2 more years of studying Sports Rehabilitation BSc (Hons) at St Mary’s University. After my degree, I will do an MSc in Physiotherapy in order to become a fully-fledged Physiotherapist.

How did you hear about Marcophysio’s innovative internship program?

I was researching the top Physiotherapy clinics in London where I saw the Marco Physio website and immediately contacted the clinic.

What did you think would be most cool about your time with us?

Using the advanced equipment’s that I have not yet used in my degree, such as the Tecar Machine.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Marcophysio?

Socializing with the staff members who were all extremely welcoming, learning all the different types of treatments used to treat the patients, and analyzing the Physiotherapists clinical reasoning to find out the differential diagnosis of each patient.

Now that your mini-adventure with Marcophysio has come to an end, what do you see as your next step moving forward from your internship?

To get as much experience shadowing Physiotherapists in different departments and work fields e.g. hospitals, community, schools, health centers, and sports clubs.

What do you think could have been improved within the internship?

Rotate the interns on different days a week so they can experience the Physiotherapists treating as many patients with different diagnoses.

Hopefully we’ve armed you with new tools and techniques! What would you be able to take away from your time spent at Marcophysio how will you apply this to your future?

Different ways to communicate and interact with patients, which will help me in the future when treating my own patients.

What advice would you give to another person looking at doing a placement somewhere?

Always write notes of what you have observed and what you have learnt. Not only will these set of notes help you currently but also in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask the practitioner questions, remember there is no such thing as a stupid question! Lastly, make sure you enjoy your experience and have fun. Good Luck!

Do you have any parting words for the Marcophysio team?

You have given me the most brilliant experience. Thank you very much for your love and support.