This series of workshops explores cross training with yoga to promote stability, performance, recovery and relaxation – both mentally and physically.

Each week we will focus on a different area of the body, combining active variations of traditional vinyasa yoga poses with longer holds in yin yoga stretches. We will work on building heat, strength and mobility, before actively re-lengthening the tissues, promoting adaptation and elasticity.

Hip opening – Sat 11th October 3-5pm
Focusing on the intricacies of the pelvis, sacroiliac and hip joints, we will explore turning on the legs in standing postures (warriors and lunges) to find greater strength and stability throughout the entire body. Preparing the hips for deeper open hip poses (lotus, pigeon, foot behind the head) we will also work on releasing hip and lower back tension.


Stable shoulders – Sat 18th October 3-5pm
Using foundational vinyasa yoga postures (downdog, plank and chaturanga) we will create greater awareness, stability and symmetry around the shoulder joints, setting up for play with arm balances and inversions (crow, forearm balance, handstands). We will also work on shoulder range of motion and releasing shoulder tension.

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Bending backwards – Sat 25th October 3-5pm
Focusing on front body expansion this session explores the common limitations to back bends. Approaching the pelvis, core, chest and shoulders, we will create support and control while cultivating the spinal extension required to take on deeper backbends (wheel, drop backs, hollow back, tick tocks) without fear.

A power yoga and handstand enthusiast, Brendan has been practicing many styles of yoga both here and abroad for the past 10 years. With training in Naturopathy & Nutrition, his teaching is laid back and articulate, guided by a strong anatomical focus and firm approach to having fun with yoga and movement.

For yoga practitioners, athletes, runners, cyclists, weekend warriors and other active bodies. Yoga is cross training for life.

Cost: £25 each or £60 for the series
Location: Marcophysio Canary Wharf, 94 Westferry studios, London, E14 8AS