Wendy Millyard

Administrator and Yoga teacher


What is the advice you give most clients?
We have 4 different locations in London and we’ll always do our best to arrange an appointment to suit your schedule.

What is your approach to wellbeing?
I love cooking and eating nourishing, home-cooked meals and have always maintained a healthy diet, especially growing up in Australia with such an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and a lot of sunshine! I try to get my 8 hours sleep a night and my partying days are well behind me. I like to eat seasonally and self-care is also important for me – long, hot baths with a book are a favourite relaxation pastime of mine!

I have a daily meditation & journalling practice and I practice gentle yoga asana every other day, as well as attending regular group classes. I also teach yoga and am currently undertaking Triyoga’s Advanced Teacher Training. I am thoroughly enjoying immersing myself so deeply in the vastness of yoga and its many practices with such esteemed teachers, especially studying the old texts and also learning about the many misconceptions about the origins of modern western postural practice.

For a few years I was a committed distance runner and have sustained many injuries in my life so I have extensive personal experience with pain and understand the need for listening to the wisdom of the body and not imposing an external idea of what is “right” for it.

What do you think of osteopathy and physiotherapy and have you experienced it first hand?
From the age of 14 I have suffered with chronic back pain and had a spinal fusion aged 17 so I am no stranger to osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments. I regularly rely on treatments to alleviate problems associated with wear and tear from my back surgery and increasing old age! Physiotherapy has helped me through myriad physical issues including 5 months of sciatica and osteopathy has saved me multiple times from excruciating pain and has helped to correct misalignments in my body that I could not achieve on my own.

Your favourite location and why
Camden is my favourite location – the Nectar Cafe at Triyoga has the most delicious smoothies I have ever tasted (if you’re after a treat, try the Pink Power Protein Smoothie!); it’s a lovely place to stay and chat with people, relax on the sofas, take a class and have a treatment!