Pedro Toscano



Qualifications and professional membership
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MSCP

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
“Osteopathy Approach for Sports Injuries”. Despite the focus of the course on sports injuries, I was able to improve my clinical reasoning on musculoskeletal conditions and apply the same techniques in common, daily MSK injuries on a general population. This approach allows the patient to return to his/her activities (if not harmful) with a temporary decrease in symptoms, while working at the same time on the cause of the injury and other contributing factors.

Any specific area of interest
Manual Therapy, Pain physiology, Sports and nutrition

The most challenging injury you have treated
The case that I found the most challenging to treat was a young football player with bilateral knee pain and a history of repetitive bilateral patellar tendinopathies. Finding the underlying cause was not easy since he was exposing himself to a lot of stress, struggling to manage sports, studying and social life at the same time. In result of that, he was increasing the intensity of his training sessions, doing an unbalanced diet and without proper periods of rest. Eventually, a few weeks off from sports activity while following a very gradual and thorough treatment program and a balanced diet, was necessary to decrease his symptoms.

After his return to play, working with his coach on planning training sessions, and helping the patient setting priorities weekly, was the key to ensure long term results and preventing further injury.

What makes a good physiotherapist
A good physiotherapist is one that considers each person as an individual with his/her own concerns, needs and expectations, and each injury as unique.

Therefore, by recognizing that each injury affects and it’s affected by lifestyle, general health/well being, stress levels and social support, a good physiotherapist is able to provide an individualized treatment program aiming to meet each patient’s goals and promote general well being and healthy lifestyles.

The advice you give most to patients
Our body is made to move and it depends on movement to nourish every cell. Keeping active is one of the best thing you can do for yourself.