Helen Stewart-Cox

Yoga teacher


Qualifications and professional membership
200hr Frog Lotus Yoga and Lushtums Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga Alliance UK accredited

What type of yoga you teach
Dynamic Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Power, Restorative and Pregnancy

Any specific area of interest
I’m fascinated by the innate structural integrity of the body and how it’s affected by our habits over time. The ways in which we move, think and feel have an effect on the body, and the resulting patterns of tension and weakness have a corresponding, circular effect on the way move, think and feel! I’m particularly interested in using movement and breath to identify and unravel some of these patterns.

What makes a good yoga teacher
The study of yoga is personal to each student, so there is space for all different kinds of teacher.  But what illuminates a good teacher for me is the depth of honesty with which they teach and the lightness with which they hold what they know.  I find a teacher irresistible when I sense that their teaching comes from honest self enquiry and experience, and their intention is not to convince or persuade, but to stimulate students to make their own discoveries.

The advice you give most to clients
Yoga is for everybody.  It’s more about how you are engaging with your real-time experience internally than the shape of your body externally, so don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes – it really doesn’t matter!