Gianmarco Oliviero

Physiotherapist with MSc in Osteopathy


Qualifications and professional membership
Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy at University of Chieti and Pescara (Italy). Msc osteopathy at BSO (London).

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
Kinesio taping course. The use of kinesio taping has widely spread around the world in the last decade, especially in the sport field.  It is interesting how the use of this elastic tape on the skin can influence different parameters in an athlete, like pain-free range of motion of a joint or muscle activity during performance.

Any specific area of interest
Manual therapy and rehabilitation of the shoulder complex.

The most challenging injury you have treated
Disc herniation with caudal migration.  I treated my client with rationale, following a step by step protocol.  At the end of our rehabilitation path, we achieved effective improvement both in the client’s overall quality of life and decrease of symptoms, which prevented any invasive surgery.

What makes a good physiotherapist
The ability to understand clients in relation to his/her lifestyle, to address the client’s real expectations, needs and goals and the ability of the physiotherapist to adapt in relation to the person that is in front of him.

The advice you give most to patients
Be aware of your body, be conscious of how you feel and look after your body and your mind.