Gary Albert Hughes



Qualifications and professional membership
Holistic Vocal Coach: PgDip RAM, LRAM, Systematic Kinesiologist: Cert ASK, TACT, ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, 3aspect Reiki

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology with The London School of Natural Therapies and Reiki Level 2 with Stephen Morallee at 3aspect Reiki. AA&P gave me a deeper insight into specific organ related conditions and how they affect the overall body system. I am able to talk with clients on a much more technical, if they wish, about how the condition works in the body and how it can be addressed. Reiki Level 2 has been a profoundly powerful addition to my tool kit and I use it on almost every client to end each session. It brings a deep sense of relaxation, comfort as well as physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 3aspect Reiki is an empowering form of Reiki that says we bare witness to the patients own innate ability to heal, rather than the healer filling them with energy, which is a theory that deeply resonates with me and my work.

Any area of interest
The emotional, spiritual and subconscious root causes of physical health conditions.

What makes a good kinesiologist
The ability to be fully present with the patient and to deep listening. One word, one body movement as some speaks, one eye flicker at a specific moment can be the clue or gateway into healing. Trusting that the client, their subconscious and bio energy field already hold ALL of the answers for all the questions we have about their physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

The advice you give most to clients
Self love. A lack of self appreciation, respect, esteem and love is an epidemic that must be addressed at all costs. I believe a HUGE percentage of physical and emotional health conditions wouldn’t even exist is we were all taught to love and care for ourselves in a deep and profound way. We work too hard, rest too little, put others first before ourselves and fail to believe in ourselves. Studies in neuro-immunology has proven that low self esteem equates to a low immune system. So my greatest advice is to start the journey to fully embracing and loving the self. This will heal most health conditions.