This Acroyoga workshop is a three week Saturday afternoon, two and a half hour introduction into acrobatic balancing with Jacqui Wan. We will cover a range of material drawn from European Acrobatics, specifically where there has been a long standing tradition of this practice particularly in Germany and Holland where it is practiced as a non professional sport and activity.

Learn the dynamics of working together. Delve into the world of giving and receiving trust. Learn how to be clear and ask for what you want. Be prepared to be challenged, maybe move out of your comfort zone. Learn how to spot with precision and thereby support the group as you learn together.

There will be two sessions that will run consecutively, there after there will be a fortnight break where participants are encouraged to meet and train with each other. The Final session aims to consolidate the lessons learnt and explore creative possibilities of partner balancing and transitions.

1st November 2014 2.45pm – 5.15pm – A focus on trio tricks
Learn to build a three person static balances often referred to as trio pyramids. There could be two flyers and one base or vice versa. For this session you will be working in groups of at least five, with two spotters supporting each trick. You will learn how to build trio pyramids progressively and be supported in the process.

8th November 2014 2.45pm – 5.15pm –  Basing transitions
You will be working as a base or flyer, with one or two spotters. The base will be on their backs with the legs and arms up. We will move from static balances transitioning into to different poses. Depending the groups some maybe given different challenges according to their ability and experience. If you are new to the practice the transitions will redirect your body awareness as well as strength and Flexibility. Learn to take steps before leaping into a sprint.

15th and 22nd: self practice

29th November 2014 2.45pm – 5.15pm Partner acrobatics a synergy!
This session is aimed at consolidating the material covered. Revisiting some balances and transitions. However, there will be a focus on creativity and with the lessons learnt on the art of spotting to explore new ticks with safety.

Cost £25 per session

For the whole three week introduction £60